Sunday, December 30, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Thirty Nine Weeks Old

We went for our weigh in this morning and Riddick weighed 29kg on the vet's scale this morning and he is just over 57cm tall at the shoulder.
And this week, Riddick's new Doggles arrived! We ordered his "grown up" Doggles from for an absolute bargain, compared to other places we've found them for sale! Since he outgrew the baby Doggles he had so very quickly, he hasn't worn these in a while so the process of getting him accustomed to them has started again. Doggles offer some tips on their site for training your dog to wear them, one of which is not putting them on inside the house. LOL! We've started with short periods of him wearing them and giving him treats at the same time.
As usual, this is my view when I am sitting on my bed with my laptop. Where I go, he goes, so working on my bed means he's on the bed too.
And he sleeps on our bed (I have mentioned this before), and after his 11pm busies he comes running up the stairs and jumps onto my husband's spot on the bed!
When Riddick sleeps on the floor at my feet he has to lie on at least one of my feet!
And Riddick does love the couch...