Thursday, January 3, 2013

New @rogzwhq Lead For #RiddickPup

On New Years' Eve, Riddick was benched* to the security gate with Volt whilst our visitors were coming in and out of the yard, and Riddick decided his lead would be cool to chew on while he waited for me to untie him...
butter wouldn't melt, eh...
You'd swear the lead had been cut! And he did it so fast!
So I needed a new lead. 
I popped into my nearest pet supply store yesterday and I found the Rogz Multi Purpose Lead! Talk about awesome! It has 6 functions, 4 of which I will be using on a regular basis! 
Its like a fabric version of the divine, soft leather lead I borrowed from SAGA when Volt was growing up!

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*benching a dog is putting them on-lead until they sit quietly to teach them a desired behaviour in a particular situation