Monday, January 21, 2013

#RiddickPup Is Forty Two Weeks Old

A while ago I noticed Riddick shaking his head and scratching his right ear a lot. I wasn't too worried about it, but at the beginning of the week I noticed him tilting his head to the right and letting his ear sort of... hang, limply. And that I didn't like all.
We headed to the vet on Friday afternoon (I really like BVH by the way) and they found his right ear was badly blocked with wax. He couldn't tell if there was something in his ear besides the wax, so he gave us an ear cleaning fluid to clear the wax and make sure its nothing more than that. He put a bit of Cortisone in it to help with the itching and gave us a couple of anti-inflammatory tablets because the head shaking is briefly aggravated by the ear cleaning liquid and it can burst blood vessels if it doesn't stop.
We'll go back to the vet this coming Thursday morning so he can make sure his ear is nice and clean again and that there's nothing else stuck in his ear.
Thankfully he's not chewing on his feet or scratching all over so its not allergies, and he's VERY wary of our pool so he hasn't got ears full of water.
On the vet's scale today he weighed 29.9kg so he hasn't gained since last week. He's still getting 210g of the Nutriphase Adult twice a day so it looks like he may have reached his growth plateau at almost 10 months old.
He definitely seems to be well into his adolescent phase, although he's not as OTT teenager as Volt was, thank goodness! Riddick's latest "thing" is stealing and chewing on the toilet rolls! And her will walk into the bathroom while I'm in there too and walk out with the loo roll! Crazy puppy!