Monday, January 14, 2013

#RiddickPup Is Forty One Weeks Old!

He weighed 29.85kg on the vet's scale this morning (he's gained since last week) and he's been eating 210g of Nutriphase adult twice a day for the last month.
The last week was insanely hot so we didn't do as much ball play and walking as we usually do, I'm talking 35°C in the shade at midday! Riddick didn't even miss it as he got as hot as I did and did a lot of sleeping.
I'm a little worried about Riddick's right eye... Last week it seemed to get a bit weepy and then part of his eyelid started going pink! The pigment loss spread (its stopped now) but it doesn't seem to worry him at all...
And just for your entertainment, here are some more photos of our beautiful boy...
he loves the fan in my bedroom as much as I do
when he wants to go outside, he comes and stands next to the bed and rests his head on it until he gets my attention
he looooves his mommy... regularly using my feet as a pillow, he has to lie close to me