Sunday, March 4, 2012

Visiting Hobby-X with #SAGApupVolt

I wish I had more pictures, but expo people don't like you taking pictures inside their domain...
I did get this one picture of a completely exhausted Volt when he fell asleep for about an hour.

Volt has NEVER had so much attention and its such an important part of his training!
Kids of all ages were drawn to the gorgeousness of these dogs and in the process it creates awareness for SAGA AND they raise money to breed and train more guide-dogs! We get to tell visitors to the stall about puppy-raising and how guide-dogs are trained and how adult dogs are assigned to their partners and its a really cool learning day for the youngsters.
Volt was the youngest puppy in attendance today, and O'Riley - a fully trained, working guide-dog - was the oldest. Dobby and Ogden were also there, and a couple of other dogs that I didn't get to meet.
I was hoping to get to walk around the expo and see the stalls but with the place being so crowded I didn't bother trying. Its hard to stop to ogle the goods at a stall and keep Volt in hand whilst he's trying to greet all the people around him and sniff the goodies on display!
Whilst we were there we were selling tickets for SAGA's car raffle. Every year SAGA raffles a car nationally- its their biggest fund raising event of the year and the tickets at Hobby-X were only R20 which I thought was a bargain! The car up for grabs this year is a silver Volkswagen Polo Vivo, and if you are anywhere near a guide-dogs event or a show of any kind this year you could buy a couple of tickets too!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by SAGA's stall at Hobby-X, and an extra big thank you to those who bought little stuffed guide-dog toys, raffle tickets and made donations!

click on the puppy to make a donation to SAGA

Don't forget to check out the Twitter hash-tag #SAGApupVolt to see regular updates on my puppy raising adventure!


Sharon said...

Pfft can't believe they wouldn't let you take photos. Meh. Glad Volt had fun.