Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bone For #SAGApupVolt

Last Friday, I gave Volt his first big bone to chew on! He was so excited when I unwrapped the bones I bought for him and for Thelma and Louise! They smell very meaty when they come out of their vacuum sealed bags so Volt knew something was up. I took the bones outside and Volt had to wait whilst I gave Thelma her bone, and then gave Louise hers (they have to be quite far apart because Thelma gets very protective of her bone). As with his food I made him "sit" and "wait" until I said "okay", and then I giggled because he didn't seem quite sure what to do with it! At first he wanted to run back towards Thelma and Louise but immediately came back when I stopped him, and then I sat on the grass and kept him near me so that I could make him understand that- like with his food- he's not allowed to complain if I touch it or try to take it. He growled once, but stopped when I said "no", and then we made a bit of a game of it. I would take the bone and tell him "leave it", and then he had to "wait" until I said "okay" again. I was very impressed that even with something as yummy as this meaty bone, he was still so obedient!
Guide-dog pups are allowed to have bones, provided:
  • they aren't small enough to splinter because that can do damage to their stomach and/ or intestines
  • it stays a treat, they aren't allowed to chew on them endlessly (I took Volt's bone after about an hour, I'll give it back another day)


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