Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Packing Day With #SAGApupVolt!

Today I spent the morning at the SAGA in Bryanston for 2012's first "packing day"!
Packing day entails filling A5 envelopes- with address stickers already on them- with the bi-annual magazine "Friends In Harness", a donation form, an entry form for the annual car raffle and a subscription form for the Collar&Tie Club, so they can be sent off to SAGA's supporters.
The first magazine for this year actually sports Volt's family on the cover! From left to right is Volt's father Timba, his brother Viking and his grandfather Chaka! Isn't it cool!?! Three generations of guide-dogs!

There were some 20,000 envelopes to be filled today, and with loads of volunteers we actually finished the job at about lunch time! There were other puppy raisers, children who are on their school holidays, and regular SAGA volunteers all working together, and I think filled about a hundred envelopes myself! We were given tea and cookies and a lovely cold lunch was laid on. Volt and Tuppence were taken to kennels by one of our SAGA PDS's, Lerato, and given some lunch as well.
Volt worked hard to behave himself with all the people and dogs around him!
a hall full of volunteers!
the envelope contents stacked on the table
each box holds 60 filled envelopes!
volunteers hard at work
I got to meet a beautiful black brood bitch named Shady; a gawjiss HUGE, white 13 month old puppy-training named Kit Kat, and super well-behaved service dog Delilah! AND I got to see Jelly's tiny fluffy 3 week old puppies! Can you say ADORABLE!!!!??!
Brothers Ezra and Emerson are in formal training at the moment, but they got to go home with their puppy walkers for Easter and they were over the moon to see each other again after a few months in training!
Oh and it seems I've been mistaken! Volt is actually three quarters Golden Retriever and one quarter Labrador! His mother, Layla, is a Golden Retriever and his father, Timba, is half Golden Retriever half Labrador.
So many people who saw Volt today commented on how much like his father he is, and a few wished me luck... erm... Ja. :-D And Volt is going to be big - Timba weighs a little over 40kg!
Volt and Tuppence had a marvellous time!

Ezra and Emerson greeting each other before running off to play

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