Monday, February 11, 2013

#RiddickPup Is Forty Five Weeks Old

He is still eating 210g of Nutriphase Adult and he weighed 30.1kg on the vet's scale.
Our puppy sleeps on our bed with us at night, though he's not there all night as he gets hot and he gets kicked, but he does sleep on our bed. He does stick to the foot of the bed too so he's not a nuisance. And if I have a chance to take a nap in the day he naps with me, usually curled up on my husband's spot!
I love my little shadow to death, and this week past we had a dreadful scare! Thursday was one of those mornings that are a disaster all round! We were running late, I forgot to lock the house properly, I left Thelma and Louise inside the house, and I did NOT put on Riddick's Roadie when we got in the car. My son shares the back seat with Riddick on our morning drive, and on Thursday he was hot and irritable as we were stuck in traffic and Riddick sheds something awful. So he opened the back windows. Had Riddick been wearing his Roadie this would not have been a problem, but in this case he shot out of the window and into oncoming traffic!!!
I have NEVER been so grateful to be standing still in traffic as I was that morning!! Riddick caught a glancing blow on his right shoulder from a passing taxi - also moving fairly slowly, thank heavens - and ran off onto the side of the road I had pulled up onto! Had it not been for my hubby telling me to pull over, I would have left the car running in the middle of the road to catch my half-blind puppy!!!
My husband and son caught him fairly easily, he was wearing his collar and leash, and we set off for the vet.
Our silly Riddicklepickle is okay thank heavens – he limped for the day, the pad under his dewclaw is torn and his foot was a little swollen but the vet didn’t suspect anything was broken. The pad will heal on its own so its not stitched or anything, and he got a shot for pain. We have some anti-inflammatory tablets for him for a few days and if the limp or the swelling gets worse I have to take him back to the vet.
Needless to say I will not be leaving his Roadie at home again.
He is fine though! He's not limping, his foot isn't swollen and he's completely his normal self! I am SO relieved!
my baby's got some big feet!
On Sunday morning we had a bit of a ball game in the garden as he loves to do, but he made the tear on his paw pad bleed again so we won't be playing ball for a few more days.
in this picture, Riddick is NOT disturbing Magic and Minx's game
"...are you taking my picture again...? I'm trying to sleep here..."