Monday, February 18, 2013

#RiddickPup Is Forty Six Weeks Old

I measured his height today and he's 59cm tall at the shoulder! He hasn't gained much weight the last few weeks (he weighs 30.1kg, the same as last week) but he's certainly grown taller.
I had a busy work week so I didn't get very many pictures of my puppy dog.
This had me giggling though! I got up to go to the loo and when I got back Riddick had taken my spot on the bed!
And this is a picture of Riddick crashed on the couch with me! I had a snooze on Monday afternoon and he joined me! He still snores!
He seems to have suffered no ill effects of his close shave, although a brief ball game did have him limping a little again, so we're taking it easy on the walking and playing until I am 100% sure his paw pad is healed.