Monday, February 4, 2013

Our #RiddickPup Is Ten Months Old!

He's a full ten months old and I sometimes can't get over how grown up he's become!
He is a teenager, but he's more confident and much quieter in the car and on trips to the vet. When I let him out the back door he waits to see if I'm coming too, and if I don't he races off to go and get up to mischief on his own. He's happy to chill out on his own in the garden, and when he wants to come back inside he has a special single bark to let me know he's there. He loves pulling the stuffing out of Thelma and Louise's night-time cushions so I have to make sure they're kept away from him in the day. And if I have a chance to take a nap during the day, he naps on the bed with me!
He has never liked me trying to force his half-check collar over his head for us to go for a walk or get in the car, so for several months we've been working on making him do it himself using treats - I hold the collar loop open and tell him to put his head in. He's now started doing it without a treat reward! Its so cute! I'm going to try and get it on video so you can see what he does.
And I love watching him interact with his "daddy". They have their own games that that play - they roughhouse with each other which I won't do, and when Neels does the 11pm shift to lock the house and do last "busies" with the dogs he and Riddick have their own "language" that they communicate in. Its so sweet.
On Saturday we spent the better part of the evening with my family at my parents' house, and we hitched a ride there with my sister. Riddick sat in the front foot well and didn't make a sound the whole trip! I was so proud of how he behaved all day - he was as good as gold and he had LOTS of children to play with! He was absolutely exhausted by the time we drove home and even fell asleep squished in the foot well!
He weighed 30.2kg at the vet (a small gain of 200g) so the 210g of Nutriphase Adult is perfectly sufficient. I think he's pretty much stopped growing in terms of weight gain, but I suspect he may get a wee bit taller... I am going to measure his height in two weeks time so we'll see.