Monday, August 6, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Eighteen Weeks Old

He weighed in at 16.6kg on the vet's scale this morning! That means he's gained 1.5kg since last week, but he's a good 2kg smaller than Volt was at the same age.
Our puppy is growing so very fast! Some days I am quite taken aback by how big he is next to his "big brother" Volt, especially in comparison to when he first joined our family.
Riddick sleeps on our bed with us every night, and he has now moved to the foot of the bed rather than lying between my hubby and I like he used to.
What we have discovered is that on weekends Riddick will often go back to sleep until 7 or 8am after his 5:15am wake up for a piddle outside! I love that because I can sleep a wee bit later than I do on week days!
Riddick's big boy teeth are coming in too! All his front teeth in his top jaw are now his adult teeth. His small front canines have also started to show through his gums at the top!
He is doing better and better on lead, and I am using the same training I use for Volt. He is still nervous about going further than he's used to but he is doing better and better with things like stopping at the vet for our weekly weigh-in.

mommy's laptop makes a handy pillow
asking to get up on mommy's bed & sprawled on daddy's side of the bed