Thursday, August 30, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Ten Months Old

He weighs 33kg and today we started the gradual switch to Olympic Adult food! This means his 190g twice daily meal has 180g puppy pellets and 10g adult pellets for a couple of days, then its 170g puppy and 20g adult food for a couple of days and so on until I am sure the adult food isn't upsetting his tummy and the switch is complete.
Volt is so eager to learn! He astounds me with his ability to pick up new commands! We are teaching him "take it" and "give it" which are service dog commands. When he is told to "take it" he has to pick up whatever is indicated and bring it to me without crushing it and then releasing it when I say "give it". Every day when my husband comes home from work Volt is told to "take it" and he then gets to bring my husbands little cooler bag lunch tin into the house. He gets so excited when he sees my husband's lunch tin his tail goes bananas! Sometimes he doesn't want to give the little cooler bag back to me so we're working on the fact that if he is told to "take it" the object is not a toy. This evening he picked up a pen I had dropped on the staircase whilst going upstairs (he and Riddick were following me up). My hands were full so I told Volt to "take it" and whilst it was a bit of a stop-start exercise with Riddick trying to "help" Volt out, he brought the pen to my bedroom where I asked him to "give it" and he dropped it on the floor once I put down everything I was carrying! I was so proud of him!
Here he is carrying my mom's handbag and bringing it to me...

And here he is performing the "speak" command!
Here are some photos of Volt and I indulging in a little one-on-one time with a handling session.

This is Lyla, Volt's mommy who is a Golden Retriever!
And this is Volt's brother Vincent! He's lighter and bigger than Volt and I can so see a similarity in their faces!

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