Sunday, August 19, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Weeks Old

He weighed 19kg on the vet's scale this afternoon! Thats a 1.6kg gain on last week!
He is now on 210g of food three times a day. Thats actually 10g of food more (per meal) than he would have been on, but some pups need more and animals do eat more in winter than in summer.
We have made great progress on lead and whilst he's still pulling ahead he's responding to correction much quicker than he used to. We need to work more on "sit" and "down"... He does "wait" and "off" very well and his recall is pretty good, but I have not focussed on his training as intensely as I did Volt's, and it shows. I'll be doing something about that now.
Unfortunately we are still battling the coprophagia, I added pumpkin and a sprinkle of meat tenderiser to all four dogs' food for a week but it had little to no effect. Its not as bad as it was but thats because I am pooper scooping several times a day and not leaving the puppies outside unsupervised at all (which means I can say "no" and "leave it" if they so much as glance in the direction of a poop I haven't scooped yet).
I was getting a little excited during the week because puppy was waking up when my 6am alarm went off! I hoped this meant well for sleeping in on the weekend a little bit... but on Saturday and Sunday morning he was awake before 6am!
sleeping on the couch with his leg hanging off

lying in the sun at the lounge window

I am now leaving him home and outside for short periods

almost too big for the front seat!

if the armrest is up he can't lie down!

asleep on the couch

he snuck upstairs and lay looking out the big window facing the street

a staircase railing "pillow"...

isn't he cute...

I woke up early and he went back to sleep after his breakfast!

he was very puzzled by us taking a bath... we usually shower and this was very odd for him!