Wednesday, August 1, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Seventeen Weeks Old

Actually today he's seventeen weeks and three days old, but today he's four months old!
Our baby weighed in at 15.1kg on Sunday morning!!
He's growing really nicely though he is a little smaller than his "brother" Volt was at the same age.
Our leashwork is going so much better and he is slowly but surely responding properly to my instructions. He is still vocal when he's unsure of where he is but that has also improved quite a bit.
On Saturday night we went to a birthday party for my cousin who was turning 30, so between his friends and our family there were LOADS of children and noise and people and lights and music and he did so well! He was on lead all night long too. He's very quickly learned how to behave around children and whilst he does lick fingers and occasionally getting a little nibble in he doesn't jump up or try to lick their faces. He didn't sleep much because of all the distractions, and when the music was turned up after we'd all eaten we made our way home. He was absolutely exhausted and I was very proud of him!
Our little "Mr Mischief" here still likes to climb up onto the backrest of the couch if I'm not looking, and if I catch him and tell him "off" he first checks me out to make sure I'm serious!
Look how big he is sitting on the front passenger seat next to me! I have now moved him to the back seat and he and Volt are benched to either door. He's very good back there so I am glad he's okay with the move.
His favourite place to fall asleep at night is on my husband's side of the bed! And he is still sleeping on our bed with us at night, sometimes even the whole night through, although he does like his box on the floor.
covered with pillows for a laugh - he didn't bat an eyelid!
Looking at him this week he suddenly looked older... Not so much like my little Riddick anymore...
Trying to sneak up the stairs... He has a dreadful love of socks so I try to keep an eye on him as much as possible because the last thing I need is his guts twisted up in a poly-cotton blend knot!
He loves the ottomans in the livingroom! He doesn't even need to jump up onto them anymore he's gotten so tall! And I only noticed after I took this picture that the ottoman looks like its floating!