Monday, September 17, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Forty Five Weeks Old

He weighed in at a steady 33.2kg this morning, and he is eating 190g of the Purina One All Breed Adult food.
We had a couple of adventures last week. On Monday I headed to a tyre place near home to put two new ones on our car, and Volt accompanied me. It was stiflingly hot so I didn't put his jacket on, but he was so well behaved in the very noisy place that one person actually thought he was elderly! We walked around sniffing the tyres, batteries and wheels they had on display and took a short stroll in the very busy street outside.
I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but twice in the last week I have come home from dropping the men in my life off at work to find Volt dripping wet after a stint in the pool! I don't know if he went in by accident whilst he and Riddick were playing or if he went in on purpose... But it doesn't happen every day or every time he is outside so I hope it was accidental.
On Friday evening we drove through to represent SAGA at the prize-giving of Bedrock Mining's Golf day! They had had a fundraising for SAGA and their staff had pledged a fantastic R5100 which Bedrock then matched to make a donation of R10,200 to SAGA! This is a full sponsorhip for a guide-dog! Volt stole the show when he and I went up to accept the cheque, and we had the opportunity to speak to several people who came to ask about how the pups are trained and commented on how well behaved Volt is!
We continue to work on Volt's "positive dog distraction" and whilst it is going better he doesn't seem to realise that the same rules apply no matter where we go.
My boy goes back to SAGA in lkes than two months...
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