Monday, September 17, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Four Weeks Old

On the vet's scale this morning Riddick clocked in at 24.2kg!
He weighs 200g more than Volt did at the same age but I like that they are on par in their age-to-weight ratio. He is now getting 230g of Nutriphase Puppy three times a day and I am happy with his weight gain and what he looks like. He was definitely starting to get a wee bit rotund.
And he is growing and changing so fast!
On Wednesday night, he was barking at something he thought he saw in the adjacent room and I thought the big, loud bark was coming from Volt!! Because we want Riddick to use his keen hearing in a guard-dog capacity (unlike Volt) I only discourage his barking and growling when he is playing. If he barks at something he hears I get up and go to him and ask "What is it?" and when I have had a look I say "Enough, good boy." Whilst he is still growling a little when he and Volt really get to wrestling with each other, he isn't barking for fun or yapping needlessly.
The fact that I have spent less time on Riddick's training that Volt's shows clearly- he is not as quick to respond when I give him an instruction. He's not naughty, and he does listen, just not as quickly as Volt does. And he's heading into adolescence now too so the extra focus I am putting in will definitely come in handy.
Have I mentioned his "crazy run"!? Its like something bites him on the bum and he starts running- full tilt- around the house! First he goes barreling into Volt's crate, then onto the girls' cushions, then he body-slams the TV stand to stop himself and turn around, then body-slams the corner in the kitchen where the dishwasher stands, then the oven on the other side of the kitchen and then back into Volt's crate! I stop him and tell him "no" when he starts because I certainly can't have that when he gets to full size!
Our walks are going so much better! He is far happier now to go out for a walk than he was just a month ago. He doesn't whine constantly anymore and he is very well behaved on-lead. We are still only walking around inside our complex as he still gets very spooked when a car goes by even though its going slowly.
He is a real snuggly bug too. When he's not on the couch or the bed with me he's lying on the floor- but on my foot! I just love it! 
And he still does this funny slide (off the couch or off the bed)- when he starts getting hot while he's sleeping he slides, front feet first, off the couch or bed and flops onto the floor! Without even waking up! I have tried so many times to get it on video but I can't get my phone camera started in time... I'll keep trying.