Monday, September 24, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Forty Six Weeks Old

Our Volt weighs 34kg and he is now 60cm tall at the shoulder (give or take half a centimetre) so he's grown even more.
He's is eating 190g of the Purina One All Breed Adult dog food twice a day and he LOVES his food. He sits and waits patiently, looking at me and drooling, until I say "okay" and then he eats his food. 
Our refocusing on Volt's "recall" training has helped tremendously! He's not quite responding instantly every time I call him, especially if he's sniffing something interesting in the garden or if he and Riddick are playing a game, but the difference is HUGE in how quickly he turns and comes back to me if I call his name!
This week coming he will spend Tuesday to Thursday at SAGA's kennels for a last short stay before he goes back for his formal training, and he will also be assessed for his potential as a service dog.
He loves to help carry things and he gets so excited when my husband gets home with the little 6-pack cooler bag he uses for his lunch, or my son gets home with his shoulder bag! He carries my son's bag up the stairs to his bedroom and he carries my husband's lunch bag to the kitchen with his tail wagging furiously the whole time!
I am unfortunately camera-less! I dropped it at the Getaway Show we went to and the clips that keep the battery compartment shut broke off! That means I only have my phone to use for pictures... which is better than nothing I s'pose... 

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