Monday, September 24, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Five Weeks Old

Riddick will be 6 months old in just over a week's time and I can hardly believe how he's grown! He weighs 25.6kg which is a 1.2kg gain on last week's weigh in, and he is 51cm tall at the shoulder (give or take a few millimetres).
He's now getting 240g of the Nutriphase Puppy three times a day. He has learnt in the last couple of weeks that if he looks at me while he waits for me to say "okay" he'll get to start eating a little faster than if he looks at his bowl! And he now gets a couple of his meals outside with Thelma, Louise and Volt as he has to learn that he may only eat from his own bowl and he still has to wait till I say "okay" even when the girls are already eating.
He still sleeps on our bed at night, to begin with, but he moves onto the floor as there's not enough space for the three of us anymore! He joins us again in the morning when he wakes me up to go outside. He's getting gentler about that too, often staying on the floor and licking my hand to wake me. He waits quietly for me to get dressed so we can head downstairs for busies and breakfast, following me into the bathroom and out again. He then excitedly- but quietly- "helps" me wake the girls and Volt before we all head outside.
He's a real cuddler, loving to be close to us, and when we're downstairs in the living room he'll sit or lie on the couch next to me or he'll lie on the floor at (or on) my feet.
This past week I found a Tumblr blog that had me in stitches! Its called "dogshaming" and consists of pictures of people's dogs photographed with descriptions- and occasionally evidence- of their misdeeds! I sent them a picture of Riddick with a little blurb about his paintball adventure and they added it to their collection! He looks so guilty in this picture!
Here he is trying to pretend he's not looking at Minx, who is lying next to me on the bed.
In other news, Riddick will be scheduled for neutering (castration) soon as he will be done at 6 months old, and his brother Apollo is being "watched" as a potential stud dog!
And this last Wednesday I went to a social media event at Ford and I left Riddick with my dad for the day! I would have left him home but they're re-finishing the outside of our house and the puppies pester the guys and mess in the paint when they're outside unsupervised, so Volt stayed home- inside- alone and Riddick got to play with my dad's Toppy and Cleo.