Sunday, September 30, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Forty Seven Weeks Old

Today our Volt is 11 months old exactly! He was born on a Sunday, on 30th October 2011!
I can hardly believe there's only a month to go before he is a full one year old. We have not yet got our intake date for Volt from SAGA yet, but I'm expecting it soon...
This afternoon at the vet Volt weighed 33.5kg, so his weight is nice and stable.
His training is going well and we continue to work on his recall and his "positive dog distraction".
Volt spent Tuesday to Thursday at SAGA's kennels for his last short stay before he goes back for his formal training, and to be assessed for his potential as a service dog. He had a whale of a time doing his service dog assessment, but he's a little too lively to be managed by someone in a wheelchair. Guide-dog training it is for Volt.
On Saturday we had a house full of friends and family to celebrate my dad's 60th and my son's 21st birthdays so it was really good exposure for both Volt and Riddick. Not taking food out of people's plates or hands even if they're little kids or sitting on the ground, not jumping up on the visitors, not begging- it takes a lot of concentration on a dog's part to remember his training and Volt was quite worn out afterwards.
As a guide-dog, Volt has to be calm and well behaved no matter the occasion or circumstance and a houseful of people is a good training exercise. And he listens so well too. This picture is of Volt watching the children play with a box full of toys. He has to be reminded, whilst he's in a situation like this, to "leave it" no matter how tempting it is, but he listens and even though he'll try and sniff the box or the toys, he stays "down".
I am very proud of how well Volt does in situations like these and he got lots of compliments from our guests, some of whom had not met him before.
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