Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#SAGApupVolt Is Forty Four Weeks Old

I can't believe how he's grown... and we have less than 2 months left with him in our home!
He weighs the same as he did with the last update, 33kg, and we have now successfully switched from Purina One All Breed Puppy to Purina One All Breed Adult food, of which he gets 190g twice a day.
We've spent a lot of time at shows like Hobby-X and the Getaway Show with Volt in the last few weeks. SAGA gets a stand at the various shows and the puppy walkers volunteer their time- with their puppies- to sell raffle tickets for the car SAGA is giving away. Their annual car raffle is their biggest fund raiser and my hubby and I- with Volt- make quite a team at the shows and we sell a lot of tickets! Its fun and its good for the puppies to be exposed to all races and ages and we get to interact with the general public and educate people about the puppy walker programme and what makes a guide-dog.
We are still working on Volt's "positive dog distraction" issues. Its going well on our normal walking routes but as soon as we go elsewhere he forgets the rules.
We are also putting in extra time on Volt's "recall" training. He comes when he's called most of the time, but I slipped up somewhere because hearing me say his name or saying "come" is supposed to be the most exciting thing for him! SAGA has given me some tips to do the retraining and I have to keep them up to date with how we're progressing.
"B" litter pups Burlesque and Burberry fast asleep while working on fundraising at Hobby-X Midrand
People and puppies hard at work on fundraising at Hobby-X Midrand

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