Tuesday, September 11, 2012

#RiddickPup Is Twenty Three Weeks Old

Riddick weighs 23.6kg!
He is more Labrador than Volt is and he has a much stockier, bulkier build than Volt did at the same age. Sometimes I can't get over the difference between the two pups!
I have not increased his thrice daily food ration by 10g this week (from 220g to 230g) as he is a little, erm... "rounder"... than I would like him to be and I don't want him to get fat.
Last week he experienced his first Gauteng thunderstorm! And it was a real doozy- thunder and lightning and hail and big fat raindrops! The first thunder he heard was when we were outside before it started raining and he was quite spooked, half running back to my side a couple of times, looking up at the sky to try and work out where the noise was coming from. Volt and I were calm and didn't react though, so he quickly chilled out and ignored it. He was completely un-phased by the little raindrops that were falling on us.
Later on we were inside and there was a big storm with the rain pummeling the windows and that got him very excited- bouncing around and barking- so I opened the curtains and sat calmly with Volt in front of the window until Riddick calmed down, praising him for his non-reaction to the noise and the water running down the glass.
Yes he is still allowed on the couch with me- and look how he's grown!
He's really getting too big for the box he has in our bedroom!
We visited my folks and Riddick LOVED the cool mud next to the flowerbed!
When he can't sit in front with me he will lie with his head on the armrest to be close to us in the front seat.
His big teeth are coming in nicely, and all his baby canines are gone due to really rough play with Volt (they were loose already)!
Here he is fast asleep on the lounge floor.